Kitty Size and Health

I’ve gotten a few emails from my readers that the proportion of kitty doesn’t come out quite right at the end.

One thing to keep in mind is that kitties’ body compositions are highly variable. For example, one pound of very lazy kitty (i.e., “fat cat”) will have a much higher ratio of fat to meat. On the other end of the spectrum, a malnourished kitty will be mostly skin and bone and will look unappetizing anyway. For this website, the amount of kitty meat (aka “feline flesh”) disclosed in the recipes is based on a healthy, normal kitty. A more active and healthy-sized kitty will have the right proportions of fat and lean meat. A good reference to see if your kitty is of healthy size is posted below (click for big!). Keep your kitty well-fed, active, and healthy and it will provide you a delicious meal!



Happy kitty cooking, and keep the questions coming!

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